Almost every business person and homeowner is covered by insurance for fires, theft, wind damage, flood damage, casualties, and other perils - yet most insureds have little knowledge of the technical language - you may have seen items in your policy such as; actual cash value, ACV, replacement cost, co-insurance cause, estoppel, named perils, all physical risk, exclusions, reservation of rights, non-waiver agreements, sworn proofs of loss, acts of God ...

Most insureds also fail to understand the complicated procedures a policyholder must go through to present and conclude their claims.
In most cases, the adjuster for the insurance company promises that he will take care of everything and the policyholder will be reimbursed for damages, etc. However, these adjusters represent the insurance company, not you, the policyholder, and that you the insured, are responsible for preparing, presenting and documenting your claims.

Armed with only your policy book in hand, the average home or business is at great disadvantage when it comes down to arguing coverage issues, policy provisions and other details. The insurance company's adjuster knows the "INs" and "OUTs" of your policy and protects his company's interests. Action Adjustment Service protects your interests.